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TNC Weight Loss

I had a slow and steady decrease in weight by watching my diet and increasing my exercise.  I have had a significant reduction in prescription medications.  I was on 4 diabetic pills and now I am down to 1 and my blood pressure is good.  If you listen to the doctor and follow the program, your weight loss will go well.  My only complaint is that it did not improve my IQ!

T.W age 65 male

lost 162 pounds in 2 years

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In the past, I have tried dieting, exercising, and diet pills, but I was never able to stick to anything for any length of time.  With the program at TNC Weight Loss it was easy for me to make healthy choices and to start an exercising program.  In one year I've lost 106 pounds and I am at my goal weight.  I feel Great!
E.P. age 49 female
The office staff is so helpful!
J.S. age 38 female
The program gives you that
extra will power to push the food away.
F.S. age 32 female
The program gave me the jump start I needed to lose weight.
M.G. age 55 female
I LOVE this program!
D.T. age 28 female
This program really works!
A.U. age 43 female
This program is SO easy to follow!
M.K. age 42 male