APRIL 21, 2016

Weight 248.6 lbs

     Much has happened since I have written last.  I have enrolled into a gym, which admittedly, I do not frequent enough.  And although I have gotten into the habit of cheating a bit here and there, my weight is now 248!  I was at a plateau that put me into self guilt that a overweight person feels.  The age old remedy for that guilt is nibbling.  And more nibbling.  Well even through all this, I'm still losing weight and my smallest pants are getting loose.  So far, by the way,  I have gone from a 4X jacket size to a 2X, and very recently, I'm fitting into a 1X chef's jacket at work!  My quest to loose weight, has been a long one.  It started long before I got with Dr. Borgardt's plan. but it was very hit and miss, yo-yo up and down.  Not the positive results that I am experiencing with this plan. After a long hiatus, hopefully this time, I'm back "on the wagon" for good.

     Starting today, I will actually go back to work, after a lengthy and much welcomed vacation. I welcome this because there is much healthier food to be had there, and the cost is "pro bono"!  So it's a "win, win!"

     I have to admit, I have been eating normally, as a regular person does, however, with a new ingrained sense of responsibility.  I have, for example, been drinking some, dare I say... SODA.  But only about 33% of my old usual intake.  One burger, instead of two or three...you get the picture.

     All THAT, however, STOPS TODAY, April 21st, 2016!  I am going to be, what I lovingly refer to as "A food Nazi."  Which is a simple proposition, with the powerful tools that I now have available.  I just needed to wrap my head around my personal issues. And they are quite many! So, with tail between my legs, I'll spare you dear reader my current weight.  Just know this.  It's coming down...and I will achieve success!  More photos to come!  

     P.S. Even after all that, my weight has not gone up!  I'm still  hovering at 248.6!!

August 17, 2015.

Weight 273.8 lbs.

This is the lightest I've been on my feet in some time! With that new "spring" in my step, comes a new confidence, that honestly is beginning to remind me of some of my younger days, when daily routine chores and just running around doing stuff were simple, easy affairs.I feel so much better about myself.  If only I could have started this in my forties...or thirties!  But at least I'm feeling like I'm in my forties again...just about. Remember I am 57!

     You know what they say, and I don't know who "They" are, but they say for every pound lost, it's an equivalent to four pounds lost on your knees@  IMAGINE THAT..just for a moment.

July 27, 2015

Weight 285.6 lbs.

Ok. I will do the math for you.  This is WEEK ONE, and I have lost an honest 16.4 pounds!  Never in my life would I ever have thought this possible. I'm eating extremely light ( and I don't miss the bad food) and I feel lighter on my feet.  Those blood sugar numbers are falling right into place.  110 this morning with no insulin. With similar numbers on other days.  I do not expect to continue losing weight at the rate that I did this week.  I realize that with any diet, itial weight loss is mainly due to water.  It's still a nice feeling having watches, rings and CLOTHING, slowly seem to be loosening.  I know I am on my way!

My Diet Log

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August 11, 2015

Weight 280 lbs.

Blood Sugar 105!

I now weigh 280. I honestly could of bettered that.  But I cheated one day, big-time, and I won't go into the gory details, but let's just say, I cheated. (So, this is twice, I cheated).

ANYWAY, Dr. Borgardt ordered blood tests for me, because he suspected low levels of testosterone and DHEA in my system.  He was correct in his assumption, and the additional meds soon came in the mail.  It seems like much to keep up with, all the various pills that have to be taken.  But just as with anything, when you develop a routine, it all becomes second nature.  I have a simple day/night schedule for taking my meds. More to come...

August 4, 2015

As per the information that I received, I could increase my dosage of Topamax to two pills nightly in the second week.  I did so, at the very end of my second week, as I encounterd a few minor relapses.  For lack of a better term.  Once, I ate several french fries.  Once, I ate the equivalent of about half of a popsicle, and to top that, I had a McDonalds cheeseburger.

July 20, 2015

Weight 302 lbs.

I am a type 2 diabetic.  My blood sugar numbers, before starting this diet ran into the 200-300 range most of the time. Phentermine & Topiramate were prescribed, and are acting surprisingly well at controlling my appetite, and giving me energy that I haven't felt in a long time. I am on vitamins, including a very high potency of Vitamin D, Calcium, Fish oil, a Hypo-Allergenic Vitamin B Complex and Glucosamine Chondroiton, a multi vitamin called Alpha-Base, which has so many ingredients in it, that it simply must be healthy for you!  Truth is, I haven't felt this good in a long time!

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     Not doing this to impress anyone, but even young children who barely know me, can tell that there is a change.  I feel like my old/younger self again.  Simple things that more "fit" people take for granted, the once heavier person appreciates when they begin losing real blocks of weight. Things like... sweating less in the summer heat, putting on socks, picking up things off the floor with less effort, cleaning yourself after going to the bathroom...(I didn't want to got there), but if you have arthritis like me, losing weight makes necessary chores a snap!  I find that I am weighing myself a bit too often and some that have more experience at body sculpting, say that I might want to weigh in once weekly, so as not to discourage by tenth of pound weight loss changes. With this in mind, I'll space apart my weigh ins at three days or so, cause I just HAVE to know!  Dr. Borgardt did suggest that there would be a modest 2 pound per week drop.  I think this seems to be right on target.  So far.  I also think, that losing too much weight, too fast, would be bad for your system.  Meaning inside you.  I'm no doctor, but as there are changes that are apparent to the eye, as one loses weight, there are many, many more changes going on inside your body as well. All this, I am sure, needs time to unswell, for lack of a better term.  I have always heard that steady weightloss is most permanent.  And I have a hunch that I can beat that 2 pound weekly weight loss rate!  Or at least give it the 'ol college try!  

     I have to tell you this story:  There was a county fair that was in town last weekend, where their was expected to be tens of thousands of people.  Big event.  I forgot to eat beforehand!  So I ate JUNK FOOD (just a bit) while I was there.  I had a real mountain dew and a 32oz lemonade!  When in Rome, right?! Wrong answer...  For me, anyway, because my stomach was churning well into the next day.  All that, and prepping for a small unrealated medical procedure might mess with my weekly weight counts. Ahh, well!  I'm not discouraged in the least!  

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August 25, 2015

Weight 268.8 lbs

     So even after a bit of swaying off my diet, at the fair the other day, I have still lost more weight!  I think I am exceeding the doctor's expectations.  The longer that I am on this diet, and the more I see that I REALLY CAN DO THIS, and all my nutrients are being supplied by the vitamins, I take just twice daily, this REALLY becomes a NO BRAINER!  I have been thinking of joining a gym!  The main thing holding me back was being the fat guy!  Sort of counter-intuitive and maybe silly, but if you are heavy, you understand.  There are buff people in there!  I do not want to be the fat one in the corner.  So I will decide on a goal weight to be at, before I take the plunge at our local gym. Not sure what goal weight that will be, but I am positive I will get there!  Maybe when I reach 250lbs.  I will really feel good about working out in public, at that stage.   More to come...stay tuned!!!