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There is little evidence that income affects weight, but weight seems to affect income.2-12-14     Business Week 1-13-14.

Obesity raises annual medical costs by $2,741 (in 2005 dollars). 1-30-14.
Business Week1-13-14.

The black-white gap in obesity among women is only half as large if obesity is defined as a percentage of body fat rather than high BMI.1-27-14.
Business Week 1-13-14
About 2.8 million people a year die from excess weight worldwide. 1-22-14
Business week 1-13-14

Excess weight is now the primary reason that applicants to the military are rejected. 2-26-14        Business Week 1-13-14.

TNC Weight Loss

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It's possible that for some young people, increased physical education
increases muscle and decreases fat with little net effect on weight. 3-24-14   Business week 1-13-14.